About Us

We started our clay business in 2019 and were one of the first companies on the market as the pandemic hit and the clay market blew up. With this comes lots of learning which translates into experience. In fact, we have redone our whole store from top to bottom 3 times over the last few years as we have learned and grown so much.

Our customers have always come first and when we do market research we come to you first for feedback. It is because of this that our clay cutters have a balance of function with thin cutting walling and studiness as the walls taper to a thicker section.

We also started offering other items as the demand grew growing from just designing and FDM 3D printing cutters to adding super sharp resin cutters, texture sheets and rollers, and so much more.Β 

I cannot wait to see where the next year takes us and a HUGE thank you to all our loyal and wonderful customers for helping us grow and always strive to be the best on the market.Β