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Halloween Mini Polymer Clay Cutters - 9 Piece Set

Halloween Mini Polymer Clay Cutters - 9 Piece Set

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This is a 9 Piece Stud Set. It includes 6 different designs, and both the standard and mirrored versions of 3 of those designs.

This includes:

Ghost (Mirror and Standard)

Pumpkin (Mirror and Standard)

Witch Hat (Mirror and Standard)


Candy Corn



We have a variety of sizes to purchase from just choose from the dropdown menu.

Available in sizes 0.5 inches, and 0.75 inches.


HAND-WASH ONLY AS NEEDED. Wash in lukewarm water with soap then dry right away and store.


Roll your polymer clay about 2mm thick on a cool ceramic or glass tile, then lightly brush the clay (and cutter for detailed designs) with cornstarch to act as a releasing agent. Place your cutter on the area of clay to cut and press straight down with even pressure. Pull straight up to remove from clay. If clay gets stuck use a clay needle tool to gently remove it.


- We print all our cutters at the time of order – made just for you.

- This cutter is made from resin, and we CANNOT guarantee it is food safe.

- The color of your cutter is determined by what we have on our machines at the time.

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